How to save data on your apps

We are going to take a look at what apps are burning your data on your iPhone and how you can reduce your usage. According to research by Finder, 7% of brits are going over their data allowance every month, and for most of those, the additional charges could easily be avoided with some simple data awareness. We will take a look at the apps that are using your data the most and how you can go about reducing this.

If you believe that your data limit is too low, you can always look at increasing that allowance by changing your sim deal. The same applies to the 67% of Brits who are currently using less than their monthly allowance, why pay for something you don’t need or use? You could be saving money every month on your mobile contract and those additional fees by choosing the correct data limit designed for you.

Find your app usage

You can view the amount of data that is being used in your phone and for each individual app. To do this open your settings menu and select mobile data. Scroll down to where you can view your apps.

Mobile data settings

You will see at the top of the apps ‘current period. This will show you how much data has been used for the current bill period, you can also see how much of that data was used for each individual app. Most of us have far more apps than we actually use on a regular basis, causing us to wastefully burn data. For the apps you use very little of, save your data by disabling them. You can see in the photo below that Netflix and Youtube have been disabled, these apps will no longer run when you are not connected to a wifi network.

To use these apps with your mobile data, all you have to do is turn the toggle back on.

Switch off unused apps.Apps burning your data

How to enable low data mode

Apple have added the new feature low data mode to their iOS 13. By enabling this feature you will cut back on your apps data usage dramatically. This is possible because low data mode stops any automatic updates or downloads to the apps. However you would only use this feature temporarily as having this enabled reduces the iPhones function quality. So why use low data mode? Maybe you are at the end of your data plan and want to avoid going over your limit? Low data mode is the perfect way to do this.

In your settings menu select mobile data and then mobile data options where you will find Low data mode. Switch the toggle on to enable the feature.

Apps burning your dataHow to enable low data mode.

What apps are using the most of your data


YouTube is one of the biggest data sponges on our mobile devices. Whether it’s the latest movie trailer or the 100 most hilarious cat videos, we have been using YouTube to stay updated and connected to the latest trends since 2015. For a lot of us, YouTube is one of those apps we can’t seem to avoid. Luckily there is a way to reduce the amount of data YouTube is using. When we watch videos, YouTube automatically displays them in the highest quality available on that connection, therefore using more data without us ever being aware of the difference. To reduce the amount of data YouTube uses, switch off YouTubes HD streaming. To do this go to the settings in the YouTube app and switch the toggle on for Play HD on Wi-Fi only.

Play HD on Wi-Fi only for youtube app


Instagram will probably comes as a surprise to most as a huge data sponge. It looks innocent enough, after all its just a bunch of uploaded photos, how could that possibly use so much data? But the fact is it does, using 2-4MB per upload, and that’s just for one photo. Instagram also automatically playbacks videos in your feed without your permission, also wasting more data. But there is a way to lower our data use by enabling the Use less data toggle through the app. This will generally affect the quality of the photos and videos that you view and will take longer to load.

In the Instagram app select the settings from you profile, and from here select account and then Mobile data use where you will find the toggle for Use less data.

use less data on instagram


Snapchat is one of those apps that steals our data from videos and photos that we haven’t even viewed, every story and video is pre loaded regardless of whether we view it or not. And they haven’t made it exactly easy for people to reduce the data usage. But like most apps, there is an option.

From your profile screen select settings on the top right hand corner. From here you will find the word manage. Then turn the toggle on for Data saver. You will be given the option whether to enable Data saver for 3 days, 1 week or until turned off.

turn snapchat data saver on. Apps burning your data


Spotify is our most popular go to app for playing music, and we need data to enable us to do this. Streaming music when away from a Wi-Fi connection is costly and will easily eat into our data. Fortunately Spotify gives us the option to download music to play offline. To do this you will need to download the song, Album or playlist you want to listen to before you can play them offline.

Open the Spotify app and select the Album for eg you wish to download. From here you will see the download option and the toggle next to it. Select the toggle to begin the download. Once the download is complete, you will be able to listen to this playlist offline, saving you any data use.

Download music to play offline on spotify and save data


Facebook likes to add features without the consent of its users and the autoplay of their videos on your newsfeed is no different, as you can imagine these videos burn your data and most people wont even be aware that it’s happening. We are so accustomed to scrolling through our news feeds without a second thought to the videos we are passing.

Yep you guessed it, there is a way for us to turn off the auto-play. From the main menu select settings and privacy and then settings, scroll down to the sub menu Media and Contacts where you will find Videos and photos, in here you will see the option Auto-play, select this and then choose On Wi-Fi connections only or Never Auto-play Videos.

turn off video auto-play on facebook
turn off video auto-play on facebook

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