Transfer your contacts from iPhone to Android

Making the decision to swap over from iPhone to Android can seem like too much hassle for most. The thought of losing all your important data and most importantly your contacts can prevent you from making the leap. But fear not, we are here to show you just how simple the changeover can be with our step-by-step guides to transferring from iPhone to Android.

Unfortunately, iOS doesn’t store data on the sim card, therefore we will need to transfer your contacts using a VCF file, also known as a vCard, or by using a transferring app.

Transferring your contacts using iCloud

Step 1.

Firstly, we will have to ensure that the contacts on your iPhone are backed up to iCloud. Open the settings on your iPhone and select your name and then tap iCloud. From the iCloud menu you will see contacts, ensure the toggle is turned on next to contacts. This tells us that our contacts are synced to iCloud.

Step 2.

Now you need to move over to a web browser and open your iCloud account. Sign in to your account and then open up the contacts’ app, from here you can double check against your device that your contacts have backed up successfully.

From here there are two options:

Option One — From your android device you can download an app that will allow you to move all your contacts onto the device from iCloud. Every app will have different ways in which to download, but in general terms, they will allow you to log into your iCloud account via the app, and from there you can download your contacts. Here are some apps that will do this:

  • IO MT Sync for iCloud contacts
  • Tai Tran Sync cloud contact
  • Genie 9 G cloud backup

Option Two — you can export your contacts from your iCloud to your PC. And then from your PC you can import the vCard to your android device via email. To import the contacts to your PC, select the settings from your contacts on iCloud at the bottom left-hand corner, then select all, then export vCard. The vCard will now be downloaded to your PC. You can open your email and attach the vCard from your downloads and send to yourself. Go back into your android device and open your email account, the vCard can then be opened onto your android device and your contacts saved.

Transfer your contacts using an app

If using the cloud to transfer your contacts just isn’t simple enough, the ‘My contacts backup’ will be sure to impress. This simple app makes it easy to transfer your contacts without the need for a PC or use of iCloud.

Step 1.

Download the My Contacts App from the App Store. Once the app is downloaded and open, you will be prompted to select back up, select this and wait for the contacts to upload

Step 2.

Once you have all contacts uploaded, the app will prompt you to email them, select to email and enter your email address as instructed and press send. The app will now tell you that the backup was successful and to check your inbox.

Step 3.

Open the email on your Android device and view the contacts file, select the option to Open the file in contacts. Then hit OK when prompted to open the vCard in contacts. All your contacts will now be stored on your Android device.

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