Mobile Tips

  • customise features

    How to customise your iPhone’s control centre

    We are going to show you how to customise your iPhones control centre with your favourite settings and features. Being able to place the settings and features we use the most into one quick accessible panel saves us so much time. And whats more, we also have the option to switch and change these features

  • Control Centre on the iPhone.

    We know it’s there, but are we fully aware of all the features available from our iPhone’s Control Centre? Apple introduced the Control Centre with iOS 7, in 2013, and they are showing no signs of removing it. It’s easy to understand why with its quick access to the features we use the most. As

  • Hey siri who does this iphone belong to?

    How to find the owner of a lost iPhone

    A lost iPhone is far more common than you would initially believe, from park benches to concert halls. Any landmark you can name in the world, there has probably at one time or another been a lonely iPhone left behind. So what can we do to help reunite them with their owners? Quite a lot

  • medical ID ON IPHONE

    Adding Medical ID and Emergency contacts on iPhone

    In the UK most of us are taught to look out for the letters ICE when someone is in need of medical attention. ICE stands for ‘Incase of an emergency’. Anyone with underlying health conditions should ensure they are using the medical ID feature. It could save your life. What is medical ID? Medical ID


    How to Hide your caller ID on an iPhone

    Hide your caller ID to prevent your phone number from being shown when making a call. Whether it’s to prevent any unwanted callbacks or simply as a matter of privacy, these simple steps will allow your number to remain anonymous to the receiver. Paying your network provider for No Caller ID Some mobile network providers

  • Text to Switch

    On July 1st, 2019, new rules came into force to make switching networks a lot easier. Before July 2019 it was necessary to contact your old mobile network if you wanted to switch. They could try to keep you on their network. This might be with a cheaper tariff, but in so many cases it

  • Automatically answer calls with speaker-phone

    Do you normally use the speakerphone when making calls? If you do, then you might want to enable this iPhone feature. It allows you to go directly to speakphone when answering calls.. How to automatically answer calls on speakerphone on iPhone Open Settings > General > Accessibility. Scroll down until you see Call Audio Routing.

  • unwanted sales and marketing calls blocking phone numbers

    Blocking phone numbers on your mobile device

    Blocking phone numbers from your device is pretty straight forward. We will show you the ways in which to block those unwanted numbers from the most widely used and most popular handsets. Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives for keeping in touch with our loved ones. We no longer rely on

  • Avoid termination fees

    How to avoid end of contract fees

    Owning the latest mobile handset has become the norm these days, and with so many of those handsets out of our affordability range, we have become reliant upon pay monthly mobile contracts. Most pay monthly contracts are for 24-months, but more and more we are seeing these rising to as long as 36-months. These contracts

  • Transfer contacts

    Transfer your contacts from iPhone to Android

    Making the decision to swap over from iPhone to Android can seem like too much hassle for most. The thought of losing all your important data and most importantly your contacts can prevent you from making the leap. But fear not, we are here to show you just how simple the changeover can be with