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The best way to get an iPhone 6 Unlock

Why would you want to get an iPhone 6 unlock? Well, the iPhone 6 is still a great phone, especially if you are passing it on to another family member. As a child’s phone it’s perfect because the “Find My iPhone” feature allows you to easily see where they are at any time of the day.

Another great thing about the iPhone 6 is the price. If you don’t have one to pass down to a child, you can pick them up very cheaply on eBay. New iPhones can cost way over £1,000 but an iPhone 6 or 6s will normally be well under £200.

Locked to a mobile network

What you don’t want is to have the iPhone 6 locked to a mobile network. A locked iPhone 6 only works with a sim card for that network, which means you can’t get the best deals. You definitely don’t want to be spending £20 or £30 a month for a SIM card when the iPhone only cost £200. An unlocked iPhone 6 on the other hand will accept a SIM card from any network. You can get a SIM card for as little as £6 a month. Imagine that? 2GB data, UNLIMITED texts and 500 minutes for only £6 a month.

First things first. How do we unlock an iPhone 6?

In theory there are a few methods for unlocking an iPhone 6. Three that I can think of, but in reality there are only one that works with consistently good results.

If you’re based in the UK then I would go straight to DirectUnlocks. They have a great range of networks and have the best prices.

If you are in the US or Canada then Doctor Unlock is the best.

And finally, if you are outside the UK, the US or Canada then use Official iPhone Unlock.

  1. IMEI unlocking an iPhone 6.
  2. Software Unlocks.
  3. Hardware Unlocks.

I’m going to deal with these in completely the wrong order.

Hardware Unlocking

Most people think of their iPhone as a single unit. It’s a phone, right? It’s a sealed device that allows you to call and text people, get on Instagram and browse the internet. But, for some people, it is a collection of electronics that can be changed.

Hardware unlocking was a lot more common when the iPhone first came out because it was a lot more simple. It was never simple, and hardware unlocking has never consistently worked, but you might still find some shops that advertise unlocking iPhones in this way so I’ll talk you through it.

Hardware unlocking an iPhone 6 involves opening up the iPhone and changing the circuit board to make the phone do something that it’s not designed to do. Normally this another board soldered to your phone which will bypass the mobile network lock. God knows what else that board might be doing, but if you’re lucky it will allow you to use any SIM card in your phone. This type on unlocking probably works 1 in 4 times. That is, for every 4 iPhones that are given into a shop, 1 of them will be unlocked. The other 3 are normally damaged in some way and quite often unusable.

I write about hardware unlocking only insofar as to warn you to never do it. Don’t pay for it; Don’t even try it for free. There’s a lot more easy ways to unlock your iPhone 6 or 6s.

Software Unlocking

Before Apple released the iPhone, Nokia and Blackberry were the most popular phones on the market. These phones could be locked too, but to unlock them you just had to enter a code into the phone. It was simple. But it was also very insecure. Thieves loved it. They could steal phones, unlock them, and sell them on.

The iPhone stopped that. Apple maintains a database on its servers of all the iPhones and which network they are locked to, or even if they have been reported as stolen. Every now and again, they will send out a signal to all the iPhones to re-lock them back to their original network, or if they have been stolen, render them useless. That’s great if your phone is stolen, knowing that the thieves will have a hard day selling it on, but if you have paid for a software unlock – also called an unlock code – then it’s a problem. Software unlocks are not permanent. If you are very lucky, and you get a code that will bypass the network lock on your iPhone 6, it will only be temporary. I say “very lucky” because despite a lot of research I have never been able to get a code that works with an iPhone 6.

So my advice on software unlocking for the iPhone 6 is, leave it well alone. It doesn’t work.

IMEI unlocking an iPhone 6

The only permanent iPhone 6 unlock.

we have finally come to a method that works. IMEI unlocking, is the only permanent method of unlocking an iPhone. The servers at Apple are told of the change of status so your iPhone 6 will never be locked again.

What is an IMEI code

The IMEI is a unique number that is on every phone. It’s not just iPhones that have an IMEI number. It’s on every type of phone. Once you have your IMEI number you can request that it is unlocked from all the mobile networks. This will permanantly unlock your iPhone 6 because it updates the Apple servers with the new status.

There is no software to install on your iPhone; no hardware changes need to be made. Once the unlock is done, you can choose a SIM deal from any network around the world and use it in your iPhone.

3 ways to get an IMEI code

  • Go to the iPhone 6 number dialing keypad and type *#06 (star-hash-zero-six). The code should pop up on your screen.
  • Open Settings on your iPhone. Then Select General, and then About. The IMEI number will be listed on that screen. You might need to scroll down towards the bottom of the screen to get it.
  • If you still use a computer that has iTunes, then you can connect your iPhone to that. On the information page, click on the phone number. This will give you several pieces of information, including the IMEI code.

The settings method is probably the best way to get your IMEI code because it also allows you to copy and paste the code. As soon as you find the IMEI number on the settings page, press and hold until the Copy menu pops up. Then tap “copy”.

How to Unlock an iPhone 6

  1. First you need your IMEI code. There’s a few different ways to get the number but the most important thing you’ll need is a pen and a piece of paper because it’s 15 digits long. Oh, and make sure you take it down accurately because if you unlock the wrong IMEI code you probably won’t be able to get a refund.
  2. Choose an unlocking service provider. We have a review of the best unlocking services that you can read but for now, let’s assume that you’re going with DirectUnlocks
  3. Pick the network that the iPhone 6 is currently locked to. Then choose the model of iPhone (iPhone 6/6+) and paste (or type) the IMEI number into the box. Then hit the “Unlock now” button.
  4. Pay for the service using a credit or debit card. Make sure that your email address is correct, so that they can update you.
  5. Wait a few days for your unlocked iPhone 6.

It’s literally that easy. 5 steps to getting your iPhone 6 unlocked.

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