How to Hide your caller ID on an iPhone

Hide your caller ID to prevent your phone number from being shown when making a call. Whether it’s to prevent any unwanted callbacks or simply as a matter of privacy, these simple steps will allow your number to remain anonymous to the receiver.

Paying your network provider for No Caller ID

Some mobile network providers will allow you to hide your number from all outgoing calls you make. However most will charge you for the pleasure, and this isn’t proven to work 100% of the time. There are known instances of people receiving texts from companies after making calls to them. Whilst apparently having paid their network providers to hide their caller ID. This shows that somehow phone numbers are still getting through to the receiver.

Receivers Display

When hiding your phone number, the receiver’s display of that call will show either ‘Private Number, Withheld Number or No Caller ID’ depending on which model of phone is being used.

Receivers display, no caller ID

Using 141 to hide your Caller ID

141 is the most common method for hiding your caller ID in the UK. To do this, dial 141 into your keypad followed by the phone number you wish to call. This is great if you only want to hide your caller ID on the odd occasion, for this method you will need to enter 141 every time you make a call.

Simply enter 141 into your keypad followed by the phone number, and hit the call button as normal.

dialing 141 on your keypad to

Hide your caller ID from saved contacts

If you want to hide your phone number from someone already saved in your contacts app. You can do this by editing their number.

In the contacts app select the person you wish to hide your caller ID from. And then from the right hand top corner, select to edit.

Hide your caller ID from saved contacts
Edit contact

Now you will see all the contact details for that person, add 141 at the beginning of your contacts phone number and select done at the top right corner. You can come back and remove this at any time.

Or if you want to keep your caller ID hidden from this contact on certain occasions, you can save yourself time by simply adding a second phone number. You can have one number with 141 at the beginning and the other without. I have changed the name of the number by selecting the mobile option at the left hand side, this will help to distinguish between the two. To do this, select the mobile option before the phone number, from here you can choose to change the name, I selected add custom label and then chose No Caller ID.

Hide your caller ID from saved contacts

Once you have the details saved you can make the call by opening your contact and selecting which number you want to use.

Hide your caller ID from saved contacts

Hide caller ID from every call you make

If you want to hide your number from all future calls. Turn off the ‘show caller ID’ from the phone settings. From your settings menu, scroll down and select the phone option.

Settings menu on iPhone
phone in settings

From here you will find ‘Show caller ID’, select this and turn the toggle off to activate. Now when you make a call, no matter who that call is to, your caller ID won’t be visible.

show caller ID toggle off

If you want to block people from calling or texting you. Find out how from our article Blocking Phone Numbers On Your Mobile Device.

Say goodbye to those pesky PPI calls.

It is also a good idea to register with the Telephone Preference Service TPS. This service adds you to a list to say you don’t want to receive unsolicited sales or marketing calls.

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