1. Hey siri who does this iphone belong to?

    How to find the owner of a lost iPhone

    A lost iPhone is far more common than you would initially believe, from park benches to concert halls. Any landmark you can name in the world, there has probably at one time or another been a lonely iPhone left behind. So what can we do to help reunite them with their owners? Quite a lot

  2. medical ID ON IPHONE

    Adding Medical ID and Emergency contacts on iPhone

    In the UK most of us are taught to look out for the letters ICE when someone is in need of medical attention. ICE stands for ‘Incase of an emergency’. Anyone with underlying health conditions should ensure they are using the medical ID feature. It could save your life. What is medical ID? Medical ID

  3. Whats apps are burning your data

    How to save data on your apps

    We are going to take a look at what apps are burning your data on your iPhone and how you can reduce your usage. According to research by Finder, 7% of brits are going over their data allowance every month, and for most of those, the additional charges could easily be avoided with some simple


    How to Hide your caller ID on an iPhone

    Hide your caller ID to prevent your phone number from being shown when making a call. Whether it’s to prevent any unwanted callbacks or simply as a matter of privacy, these simple steps will allow your number to remain anonymous to the receiver. Paying your network provider for No Caller ID Some mobile network providers

  5. iPhone 6 unlock. A white iPhone 6 is on the left side of this image. On the right side it says, Unlock iPhone 6. Factory Unlock Tutorial / Guide.

    iPhone 6 Unlock

    In theory there are a few methods for unlocking an iPhone 6. Three that I can think of, but in reality there are only one that works with consistently good results.

  6. Unlock your iPhone.

    iPhone Unlocking

    Many iPhone users find that their network doesn’t like the idea of them switching to a SIM only deal. These deals allow people to save a lot of money if they choose to not get a new iPhone from the network. But the networks will lock the handsets so that you can’t use a SIM

  7. Text to Switch

    On July 1st, 2019, new rules came into force to make switching networks a lot easier. Before July 2019 it was necessary to contact your old mobile network if you wanted to switch. They could try to keep you on their network. This might be with a cheaper tariff, but in so many cases it

  8. 3 iPhones beside each other. On the left is a blue iPhone XR. In the middle is an iPhone XS, and on the right is an iPhone XS Max.

    How to close an app without a Home Button

    In 2017 Apple launched the iPhone X. (It’s pronounced iPhone ten apparently). The biggest change to iPhones since they first came out, becaus there wasn’t any Home Button. Then in 2018 they released 3 new iPhones. The iPhone XS, the XS Max and the XR. None of these have Home Buttons either. With older iPhones

  9. Automatically answer calls with speaker-phone

    Do you normally use the speakerphone when making calls? If you do, then you might want to enable this iPhone feature. It allows you to go directly to speakphone when answering calls.. How to automatically answer calls on speakerphone on iPhone Open Settings > General > Accessibility. Scroll down until you see Call Audio Routing.

  10. 3 iPhones beside each other. On the left is a blue iPhone XR. In the middle is an iPhone XS, and on the right is an iPhone XS Max.

    How to disable Smart HDR

    Smart HDR is available on the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. The feature uses Machine Learning, which used to be called Artificial Intelligence before people got scared of that phrase, and other ‘computational photography techniques’ to get a great looking picture.  (Computational Photography Techniques is a fancy way of saying Filters) It